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Domain Name Registration

A domain name is your address on the internet, where visitors will find your website and email you and adds a level of trust and integrity to your brand.

    Domain Registration,,

    R195 ea annually

  • .com
    Domain Registration

    .company, .us, .uk,,, .education, .name, .photos, .space

    R445 ea annually

  • .solutions
    Domain Registration

    .business, .info, .live, .net, .org, .photography, .today, .website

    R465 ea annually

  • .site
    Domain Registration

    .digital, .marketing, .mobi, .school, .software, .ws

    R645 ea annually

  • .joburg
    Domain Registration

    .biz, .capetown, .durban, .zone

    R745 ea annually

  • .design
    Domain Registration

    .africa, .careers, .engineering, .media

    R1095 ea annually

  • .online
    Domain Registration


    R1195 ea annually

  • .travel
    Domain Registration


    R2495 ea annually

Why Register Domain Names?

A domain name is your address on the internet, where visitors will find your website or email you.
Domain names offer better name and brand recognition and adds a level of trust and integrity to your name and brand and boosts your online presence.
Domains are easier for customers to remember your website address [] and email addresses [].
Domain names are registered on a first come first served basis so search and register your domain before someone else does.

Choosing your domain and what makes a good domain name?

A good domain name is unique, short and simple, easy to remember, type and pronounce.

Choose a domain name that is memorable and brandable

Choose a domain name that is unique, memorable and brandable that immediately conveys your brand or business and helps people and search engines understand how your domain name and website is relevant, the domain name should also be short and simple so it's easier to remember, faster to type and pronounce.
Longer domain names are harder for people to remember and are more vulnerable to typos, misspellings and autocorrections on mobile devices.

Choose a domain name without hyphens, numbers, abbreviations or double letters

Choose a domain name that avoids hyphens, numbers, abbreviations, double letters to avoid confusion. Hyphens are tough to express verbally, abbreviations and double letters are also difficult to say out loud and can easily be misunderstood and mistyped and can also make the domain name messy and hard to read and understand.

Choose a domain name that includes keywords

Choose a domain name that incorporates keywords relevant to your brand or business and targets your audience as to how your brand or business is relevant. Search engines use domain names to understand how your domain name and website is relevant and help determine its position in search rankings making it essential to try to include relevant keywords in your domain if you can. For example, a clothing store might include style or fashion in the domain name.

Choose a domain name with the right extension

Choose a domain name extension that is relevant to your brand, business and target audience and while .com is the most popular choice you may want to consider a geographic (.global, .africa, .joburg etc) or industry (.marketing, .photography, .travel etc) specific extension depending on your brand, business, geographic location or industry. For example, a .com extension is best for an international audience and a extension is better suited to a South African audience while geographical extensions like .joburg would be specifically suited to a Johannesburg audience and industry extensions like .travel would be suited to the travel industry.

How many domain names can I register?

As may as you like, registering multiple cost effective domain names protects your name and brand and stops competitors from registering your domains.

How long does it take to register domains?

All domain names are registered instantly ensuring that your domain is secured and ready for your use.

Can I transfer my existing domains?

Yes you can and we are happy to assist you in transferring your domains to Global Online.

How long does it take to transfer domains?

Domain transfer can take place in less than 24 hours, you may be required to provide us with authorisation or EPP key's to complete the transfer which you can obtain from your previous web hosting company.

Add web hosting now or later?

If you want to use your domain name for email and website from the get go then register your domain along with one of our web hosting plans, or with free parked domain hosting you can register your domain name now and add web hosting plan and email later when you are ready.

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